Press Releases

Press Releases

Murfreesboro, TN, August 5, 2011:
Home Inspectors of Tennessee Association, Inc. Announces
Officers and Board of Directors for 2011/2012

The Home Inspectors of Tennessee Association, Inc held elections at its annual business

meeting  Saturday August 5, 2011 in Murfreesboro.  The following officers were elected:

  • Mr. Larry Fowler of Knoxville, TN: President
  • Mrs. Melanie Moore of Chattanoga, TN: Vice-President
  • Mr. Brent Voss of Hendersonville, TN:  Secretary/Treasurer

The following Members were elected to the Board of Directors:

  1. Mr. David Crowe of Knoxville, TN: representing East Tennessee
  2. Mr. Lex Hudson of Brentwood, TN: representing Middle Tennessee
  3. Mr. Jerry Attaway of Cordova, TN: representing West Tennessee

To find a member in your area go to the roster listed on the HITA website at

The Home Inspectors of Tennessee Association, Inc. is a nonprofit association of state licensed

home inspectors. The objectives of the Association are: 1) promote better relations between

Realtors, public organizations, their agents, and the general public; 2) maintain high professional

standards, in the conduct of work; 3) combat unfair practices; 4) encourage efficiency among all

our inspectors; 5) encourage those methods of contracting for work - which relieve inspectors of

improper risks; 6) encourage sound businesslike methods tending to raise the standards of all

inspectors generally in the business world; 7) strive for harmonious and economically justifiable

relations with employees; 8) cooperate with other associations of its type; 9) and promote

continuing education for the membership and the industry.

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