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    Learn everything about your new home BEFORE you buy it. All HITA Inspectors are licensed by the State of Tennessee. Not only do they have to pass tests to get licensed, but are required to complete Continuing Education classes each year.


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HITA Membership Upgrade to Certified Level or HITA Master Inspector Status


Upgrading your membership allows you the use of the HITA Certified Inspector(HCI) or HITA Master Inspector(HMI) logo and a listing on the website under the appropriate designation.


From HITA Inspector (HI) to HITA Certified Inspector (HCI) the cost to upgrade your membership status is $50 with annual dues of $175.00. (after providing proof of 100 fee paid inspections and peer review of reports)

Meeting the Requirements:
1. Proof of fee paid Inspections:

As Licensed Home Inspectors we are professionals. There are confidentiality issues and we do not require a list of inspections. To meet this requirement you must submit an affidavit stating you have performed at least 100 fee paid inspections for HCI and 500 fee paid inspection for HMI. 

2. Peer Review:

As a Licensed Home Inspector doing business in the state of Tennessee you have the sole responsible for performing home inspections that meet or exceed the Standard of Practice adopted by the state in the Home Inspector Licensing Act 2005. Adherence to the Standard of Practice is open to interpretation. At this time, there exists no objective and definitive test to determine that your reports meet the requirements of the Standard of Practice, and Peer Review is NOT a test.

At HITA we feel that it may be helpful for you to have another licensed home inspector provide input from his perspective to assist you in identifying areas where you may want to consider further scrutiny in your effort to make your reports meet the Standard of Practice.

Again, Peer Review is not a test therefore, there is no grade, passing or failing. We require you have the experience of Peer Review for certified levels of membership to foster you addressing your responsibility for your reports to meet the Standard of Practice.

For Peer Review you will submit two actual reports (including Inspection Agreements) you performed with all information as to the identity of the client, address, and costs "removed" or "blacked-out". There are virtually as many report formats as there are home inspectors. In an effort to make your peer inspector's job a less monumental task you must download a Peer Review Checklist, fill it out indicating where in your reports the items will be found, and include it with your submitted reports.

Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for instructions to submit reports (be patient), recommendations will be returned to you.


Intentional submission of false information is grounds for expulsion from HITA, forfeiting any dues or fees paid.

Purchase Upgrade

For upgrade from HI to HCI $50 For upgrade from HCI to HMI $50 For upgrade from HI to HMI $100