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    Home Buyers - Find a Licensed Home Inspector

    HITA Inspectors

    Learn everything about your new home BEFORE you buy it. All HITA Inspectors are licensed by the State of Tennessee. Not only do they have to pass tests to get licensed, but are required to complete Continuing Education classes each year.


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  • Product Safety Recall for Home Inspectors +

    Product Safety Recall for Home Inspectors

    The attached letter that was sent to the Great State of Tennessee by Thyssenkrupp. This is a product safety notice/recall for home elevators.

    The State of Tennessee is working through the Home Inspectors of Tennessee Association to share this information with all active licensed home inspectors in this State.

    The State is requesting that you share this information with your clients if you find a TKA home elevator during your normal business contacts or if you know of someone who has one of the affected installations. This product has been linked to at least one death and one permanent disability as outlined in the letter.


    2022 TDC safety information thumb


    Click here to read


  • 2022 Expo and Vendors Fair - October 21-22 +


    hita logo pappy


    OCTOBER 21-22, 2022



    chattanoogan hotel


    Join HITA
    Home Inspectors of Tennessee is a state-wide non-profit organization focused on education specific to the conditions prevalent in TN and the southeastern United States. We offer 6+ hrs CE quarterly, all free with paid membership*.
    EXCITING NEWS!! Beginning February of 2023, we are attempting to launch live, proctored satellite classes in at least 3 additional locations across the state. West TN will meet in Collierville, Mid-west will remain in Pleasant View as the broadcasting location, Mid-East will be in the Chattanooga area and East will be in the Knoxville area. We are hoping, by providing classes closer to our members, we will attract more of the 1000+ actively licensed inspectors in Tennessee. 

    The EXPO is held every 18 months, to allow our members to gain 16 HOURS of CE within their licensing period to help ensure state requirements are easily reached with live, interactive classes. Live education is much more likely to be retained over on-line. Nationally recognized presenters are retained to ensure HITA inspectors are known to be the best educated inspectors in our state.

    michael casey

    Friday beginning at 8:00am
    Michael Casey presenting:   

    New Plumbing Requirements and Components, 2hrs CE
    Inspector Safety on The Job, 2hrs CE
    New Construction for Home Inspectors, 4hrs CE
    (Read Casey Bio)

    michael conrad II

    Saturday beginning at 8:00am
    Michael Conrad II presenting:   

    Getting Into the Mold Business, 2hrs CE
    (Read Conrad Bio)

     corbett lunsford

    Finishing off our Saturday Education
    Corbett Lunsford Presenting:  

    Home Performance Dynamics, 2hrs CE
    Testing Techniques for Inspectors, 2hrs CE
    Improvement Options and Side Effects, 2hrs CE
    (Read Lunsford Bio)

    You may attend as much or as little of the CE as you choose. Fee does not change.

    Sign-in to each class will be required at a random time during each class to prove participation.

    Non-members will need to join HITA prior to registering for the EXPO:

    To Register for the EXPO:
    (HITA member log-in required)


    HITA has blocked off rooms at this Hilton, Curio collection facility for $169.00+tax/night, (normally $316.00+tax) available Thursday thru Saturday nights. This block has a limited number of rooms that will be available only until September 29, 2022, so make sure you make your reservations as soon as possible. Go to:
    Or call the hotel directly at (423) 756-3400.  Provide the front desk the arrival date and group name - Home Inspectors of Tennessee Association Room Block


    Our Affiliate members have been invited to participate in a two-day Vendor’s fair within the EXPO, so they might introduce HITA members to their product/service that might enable you to serve your clients to a higher degree. These Affiliate member’s support enables HITA to bring members the best education, well more than is required to fulfill the state’s requirements, at the lowest cost possible. We so appreciate our Affiliates!

    HITA is kicking things off with a Welcome Reception Thursday night at 7:00pm in the event area. All HITA and Affiliate members can gather in a comfortable social setting with live music, hors d’oeuvres, cocktails, and non-alcoholic refreshments to get to know each other in a relaxed setting. HITA will provide 2 drink tickers per paid participant. There will also be a cash bar. 
    Lunch will be catered by the venue both Friday and Saturday included for all paid participants. For a small additional fee, anyone that accompanied you to the EXPO may join you for all meals and social events.
    If you participated in the "mini-expo" we had at this venue this past November, you will have an idea of the approach we will be making, but on a much grander scale! We will also be scheduling a short social event after lunch both Friday and Saturday to give our members even more time to mingle.

    Are you or someone you know a supporting trade that would like to participate in our EXPO Vendors Fair? Follow this link to sign up:
    2022 expo event layout


    If you have questions, please reply by email, or call or text HITA's president via the information below. Fostering community between peers and Affiliate members creates resources to better serve our industry, as well as our clients. HITA wants all of our inspectors, through community and education, to rise to the top of their market. Come join us, won't you?
    Melanie Crabtree
    Full Disclosure Property Inspection
    President, HITA 2021-2024


  • 2022 HITA Expo - Sponsor Invite +

    The Home Inspectors of Tennessee Association (H.I.T.A.), Is presenting our 2022 Educational EXPO

    October 21-22, 2022, at the Chattanoogan Hotel and Convention Center in Chattanooga, TN. 


    You must be a HITA Affiliate member to be a Sponsor/Vendor.

    Check out the venue at: The Chattanoogan Hotel, Curio Collection by Hilton  .We are growing every Expo, with our last Expo having 125+ member participants and 20+ Affiliate Vendor Fair participants. We go to great effort to ensure our Vendors get substantial time with our members, so participating in our fair is beneficial for all parties!


    Click here to reserve your room today!


    If you are not familiar with H.I.T.A., you can follow this link to familiarize yourself with our organization; History of HITA - HITA - Home Inspectors of Tennessee

    As it stated in the supplied link, we focus on legislation and education specific with our geographical area and the conditions that exist in the southeast. We are a non-profit working to help educate and support our members, as well as grow our organization to include all Home Inspectors licensed in Tennessee. While we offer free continuing education quarterly to our members, once every 18 months we put together an Educational Expo. We bring all of the members and our much-appreciated affiliate members together for a 2-day event, presenting at least 16 hours of national-level education, as well as hold a Vendor’s Fair so our Affiliate members have the opportunity to meet our members, to explain how their product/service can benefit our inspectors and their clients.

    The night before we begin, we will host a Thursday night reception with live music, food, and drink to kick things off. With social networking time also built into both Friday and Saturday, affiliates and members more time than ever for vendor/inspector interaction. If you participated in the "mini-expo" we had at this venue this past November, you will have an idea of the approach we will be making, but on a much grander scale!

    This is set up as any other convention vendors booths areas with a 10x10 area,8’ table and 2 chairs. Power is available if needed. Larger booths are available for the vendors that would like to sponsor at a higher than Silver Sponsor level. Click here map_b28fcb88-8f97-478e-9a01-980af42654e2.png (903×390) (cloudinary.com) to see the space we will occupy. An actual booth layout will be available soon. Exhibit halls A-D will house our event.


    You must be a HITA Affiliate member to receive that rate. If not a member, you can join and as a bonus, your membership will start now and run through December 31, 2023.

    Sponsorship Levels available for Affiliate members are:

    Platinum Sponsor: (Limited to 2)
    $1,500.00 This level provides 4 times the basic floor space in their preferred location. Preferred Full-page Ad placement in the Expo program and inclusion in all social events and meals during the Expo, Large signage in the classroom and foyer. Any literature you provide will be placed in the members event bag which is given them at initial Check-in. The opportunity to personally address the membership Friday morning to help draw members to your booth. (Maximum 4 people. A small fee for food will be added for additional people unless you are sponsoring the meal.) You will also receive one room upgrade if you book a room through the provided room block.

    Gold Sponsor:
    $500.00 This level provides the space of 2 booths, ½ page ad in the Expo program and inclusion in all social events and meals during the Expo. Any literature you provide will be placed in the members event bag which is given them at initial Check-in. (Maximum 2 people. A small fee for food will be added for additional people.)

    Silver Level:
    $250.00 This level provides a 10x10 booth as described, a ¼ page ad in the Expo program and inclusion in all social events and meals during the Expo. Your Company name will be included on signage Thanking all participants. Any literature you provide will be placed in the members event bag which is given them at initial Check-in. (Maximum 2 people. A small fee for food will be added for additional people.)

    Social Sponsor:
    A Sponsor that, in addition to the chosen level of Sponsorship, sponsors a meal and/or social event. (These costs will depend on participation.) This will provide Exclusive (if exclusively sponsored) tabletop and large signage during the sponsored event. (Split-sponsorship will have signage for each sponsor contributing.)

    A Vendor’s Fair participant must be an Affiliate member of HITA to participate in the Expo

    Annual membership is $250.00. This provides a Company listing on the HITA Website with a Bio about your company (supplied by you) with link from there directly to your website. Your Company Name listed on signage during all meetings. Advance notice of Sponsorship opportunities at Expos sponsored by HITA. The opportunity to present Continuing Education at quarterly meetings pending you have a state-approved class and being a state-recognized presenter. If you would like to do this, we will help you with the process! HITA members are encouraged to promote the Affiliates through their linked listing on the website to clients and realtors. If you are a new Affiliate, as a bonus, with membership you will receive the balance of 2022, which will allow you to participate in this Expo, as well as membership through December 31, 2023.


    Click here to become a HITA Affiliate


    Click here to reserve your sponsorship today!


    If you have participated with us before, we so look forward to seeing your there! If you haven’t, I believe you will find it both enjoyable and mutually beneficial! What better group than home inspectors could you ask for to help promote your business. Touching one inspector, really explaining your product to them so they can refer you, gains you the opportunity to connect with hundreds of people, their clients, annually!

    If you would like to go ahead and get signed up, or you have some questions, please reply email, or call me and I’ll help in any way I can. Mutual support between professionals in business is one of the most cost-effective ways to spend your advertising dollar. Come join us!

    Melanie Crabtree

    Full Disclosure Property Inspection

    President, HITA




  • 2021 HITA Quarterly Meeting - August Awards +


    2021 HITA Quarterly Meeting - August Awards


    Joe Boersma was awarded the John Bailey award for his outstanding efforts during the 2020 HITA Expo.

    2021 HITA - Joe Boersma receiving the Joe Bailey award

    (Award presented by Tim Fuller and Melanie Crabtree)


    Upon stepping away from his presidency, Tim Fuller is recognized for his contributions to HITA.

    2021 HITA - Tim Fuller - Outstanding Service Award

    (Melanie Crabtree presents to Fuller)



  • 2019 Joe Bailey Award recipient, HITA president Tim Fuller +

    Pictured is the 2019 Joe Bailey Award recipient HITA president Tim Fuller. 
    The Joe Bailey Award is given each year to the member of HITA who has done the most for the organization. 
    Presenting the award is education committee chairman, Larry Fowler.  

    2019 Joe Bailey Award recipient: Tim Fuller
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What is a home inspection?

A home inspection is a visual evaluation of the readily accessible systems and components of a primary residential structure. A home inspection report is the written product of this evaluation. Because there exists no established objective criterion for the condition of the home prior to title transfer or sale, there is no passing or failing of a home inspection. There are many factors that are not in the scope of a home inspection that would aid in the determination of the acceptability of a home’s condition. The assessed value of a home is dynamic depending on many factors, such as market trends, past sales of comparable property, the condition of the property, etc. The expertise of a real estate professional is a valuable tool in determining the weight given to the condition of the property in this formula.

History of HITA


The Home Inspection Licensing Program

tn-seal 100x100In July 2006 the state of Tennessee enacted a law through the Tennessee Commerce and Insurance Commission Division of Regulatory Boards regulating the Home Inspection Industry named the Home Inspection Licensing Program.  The law has education requirements, insurance requirements, successfully passing National Home Inspectors Exam, and adopted a Standard of Practice and Code of Ethics. For complete requirements you may visit the  Tennessee Commerce and Insurance Commission's Official Website or for your convenience you may view the "Rules" here.

Read More


What are the benefits of using an HITA inspector?

Choosing a HITA home inspector means choosing an inspector familiar with and experienced in the sometimes unique conditions that affect homes in Tennessee.  HITA inspectors are focused on construction issues in Tennessee and not the myriad of national issues that might be important in other areas.  HITA inspectors adhere to the Tennessee standards of practice and code of ethics.

We invite you to visit us at one of our quarterly meetings. Our members are more than happy to answer any questions you may have about the organization and how you can join.

Click here to register for our next meeting.


View or Download RADON Mitigation Standards PDF