History Of HITA

In the mid 1980’s a group of home inspectors realized there was no statewide organization that specifically addressed the needs of the Tennessee home inspection profession. There was no Tennessee based advocate that concentrated on improving the home inspection process for inspectors, buyers, sellers, agents, lenders, and other interested parties.

In 1986 such a non-profit organization was chartered in the State of Tennessee under the name Home Inspectors of Tennessee Association, Inc. (HITA). In 1988 the first official membership meeting was held. Membership was offered to all property inspectors doing residential and commercial inspections in Tennessee. Affiliate memberships were also started for non inspectors who had an interest in the property inspection industry. Immediately after the formation of the Association, emphasis was placed on educating HITA’s property inspector members on the importance of adhering to a strict Code of Ethics. Equally important was the HITA Protocols and Procedures for performing the actual inspection. At that time, the State of Tennessee had no regulations for the inspection of existing homes and commercial property. Tennessee needed a state association that established and enforced inspector guidelines.

Since 1988 HITA has provided the following services and thus improved the quality of home and commercial inspections throughout Tennessee:

1) Established a comprehensive HITA inspection skills Examination specific to Tennessee construction practices. Passing this exam was required for all new members until the National Home Inspectors Exam was substituted later.

2) Instituted a HITA Certification process which provides the real estate industry and consumers with HITA property inspectors who maintain the highest professional standards of service.

3) Required mandatory Continuing Education for all its inspector members at reasonable costs. This ensures the public that HITA inspector members are thoroughly knowledgeable about building construction techniques specific to Tennessee. At HITA’s educational meetings we also help our inspector members improve report writing and other skills used during the inspection process.

4) HITA was instrumental in cooperating with State Legislators, Realtor® Associations, and other home inspector associations to draft and pass the Tennessee Home Inspector Licensing Act of 2005. We continue to work cooperatively with the Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance to bring HITA and its members in compliance with all the Department Rules and Regulations relating to the Act.

5) HITA’s history also includes many other important accomplishments such as issuing product safety recall bulletins and promoting harmonious relationships with Realtors® and Mortgage Lenders.

HITA will continue to make history by challenging our inspector members to perform the most objective, accurate, and comprehensive inspection possible on the condition of Tennessee homes and commercial properties.